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Guest House Marrakech

In a region where there is no human presence, the Supreme Almoravid Youssef ben Tachefine founded Marrakech in 1070.Originally, it was a military camp and a commercial center. The authorities of the time had the whole area needed to build lavish palaces and guest house in the medina of Marrakech. The famous walled city of about 9 meters high, have been redesigned several times by successive dynasties that dominated Marrakech. This belt majestically erect, encircles real hidden treasures: The guest houses Marrakesh, houses extensive gardens that reflect the lifestyle that prevailed there. Formerly occupied by the favored class, these beautiful guest houses are of extraordinary architecture that proudly tells the magical story of the medina of Marrakech. From its appearance, the guest house Marrakech embodies a lifestyle that fits the nature of the arid plain of Marrakech. These exterior walls being blind, it communicates with the outside thanks to its single heavy door. Allowing it to maintain the privacy of its occupants. Responding to a rigorous architectural style, guest house organized around a central courtyard with trees and often with a fountain.This, in gushing, watering the plantings that beautify the place.The quiet of the riad attracted people in search of coolness during hot periods of summer. In winter, the floors are returning in search of heat near the chimney. Today, the guest house Marrakech are very successful because of the enthusiasm for this type of western settlements. This has certainly contributed to the animation of the medina of Marrakech, but at the cost of a sea change sociological. The older residents have given way to new arrivals. It was a concern to know and to find ways to save some old houses in Marrakech. The Medina of Marrakech is classified on the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1985, but the authorities have as their focus prestigious monuments do not find ways to protect older neighborhoods and houses thereon . Faced with the gradual abandonment, destruction and fragmentation of old guest houses, we had to find an idea to try to save this heritage.Foreign interest for this architecture.




DIf you do not yet know Marrakech you can be sure that all those who have visited her will envy you! They will envy your initial excitement, your continuing surprise, and your feeling of wellbeing, "Marrakchi" style . Let us tell you more about this city so precious to our hearts!

History of Marrakech

“Marrakech” is the etymology of the word “Morocco”. The Arab historians of the past had used the name, “Marrakech” (Mraksch ), which gradually became “Morocco”or “MaRueco” and was thus used throughout the country. Around 1000 BC Marrakech was a caravan camp until the Almoravids picked her for their military post. In 1062 the first mosque was built by Youssef Ibn Tachfine followed by many more to come. At that time the great plantation of the palm trees , the “Palmeraie”, was started. Marrakech was then chosen as the capital of the kingdom. But the end of the Almoravids' Era was the start in the decline of the city until the 16th century when it gained back its position as capital of the Saadians. Shortly after that dynasty, Marrakech had been set aside politically, but gained back her importance only recently by other means, namely - tourism, luxury, art and culture.

The SaadiAtouts dynasty of the bustling Red City Marrakech!

Marrakech, an oasis in the desert, will seduce and captivate you with her cuisine and her souks. This is the most African city in Morocco; the most exotic city of all! The possibilities of this wonderful city are ever expanding! The most important of these being “Jamâa El Fna”, the square of all pleasures. Charlatans, storytellers, water sellers, and countless others gather there at sunset as you enjoy dinner lasting late into the night ... However, we can not be in Marrakesh without noticing the large Koutoubia mosque visible from almost all areas of the city. Many Historic and cultural monuments are found in this imperial city with an ancient past. Included among these are the old city walls, Ben Youssef Madrasah, the Bahia Palace, the Saadian tombs, the Majorelle garden, the Museum of Marrakech, the souks, the synagogue Salat al Azama ... All of which are in competition with new places to go out at night such as clubs, oriental pubs, restaurants and cafes for all different tastes. Marrakech has become an attractive center for various types of visitors of all ages.

Around Marrakech

If you want to escape the city, Marrakech is surrounded by treasures. For example: the Ourika valley (30km away), the snowy mountains of Louka (74km away), and the sea at the beautiful city Essaouira. All types of landscapes are to be found near Marrakech: the Ouzoud's cascades (120km away), the Draa valley, the archaeological site of Aghmat (30km away), or the Toubkal National Park (70 km south of the city). You can change climate and atmosphere as much as you like and return to the Riad for tranquility.


Marrakech Events and Festivals in January

Marrakech Marathon - sees 5,000 runners compete from countries all over the world in the world’s fastest marathon. Crowds line the streets and the atmosphere is particularly friendly and exciting


Marrakech Events and Festivals in February

Tafraoute - this significant February event marks the end of the winter rains with lively music and dancing


Marrakech Events and Festivals in March

Fatih Mouharam - Islamic New Year sees Muslims in Marrakech get together with friends and family and there is lots of praying at high-profile mosques in the city


Marrakech Events and Festivals in April

Printemps musical des Alizés - this excellent music event goes off in Essaouira at the end of April to celebrate chamber music. Performances take place near Bab Marrakech Square at Dar Souiri


Marrakech Events and Festivals in June

Independence Day - a week-long celebration of Morocco’s independence from France in 1956, when parties feature all over the city



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