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Marrakech was founded in 1062 by Youssef bin Tachfine of the Almoravid dynasty, and his son perfected the city by bringing in architects and craftsmen from Cordoba to build palaces, baths, mosques and a subterranean water system. The city walls were raised from the red mud of the plains, with the snow-covered peaks of the High Atlas Mountains forming a backdrop for the city, though they are often hidden by the heat haze.

Dar Fakir is located in a quiet residential road just 3 minutes walk from the infamous square Djema el Fnaa. Situated in an elegant part of the Medina known as Kennaria, you are just minutes from the main souks where you have ample to opportunities for shopping or simply observing the artisanal craftsmanship as well as being only 5 mins walk from stylish restaurants such as Le Tanjia.

The location offers peace of mind to any visitor and is easily accessable by taxi from the square or the Bahia Palace in just 5mins walk . Nearby parking is also conveniently available for anyone arriving with their own transport.



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